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Nuraghe Serbissi: An Adventurous Journey into Nuragic History amidst Breathtaking Panoramas and Local Culture

On the evocative “Taccu” of Osini, an imposing natural rock face with steep limestone walls, stands Nuraghe Serbissi, an archaeological treasure that offers an extraordinary panorama of Ogliastra and the Barbagie regions. This site, of particular charm, represents an unmissable stop for lovers of history, culture, and the wild nature of Sardinia.

Nuraghe Serbissi: A Nuragic Complex of Great Charm

The Nuragic complex of Serbissi stands out for its complexity and richness of architectural elements. At the center of the site stands the nuraghe itself, an engineering work of remarkable importance. Built on the bedrock, incorporating its asperities, the nuraghe presents a central tower and three adjacent towers, oriented to the northeast, south, and west, connected by a bastion according to a lateral addition scheme.

Around the nuraghe, the village develops, consisting of eight rooms belonging to isolated units with a centripetal development. The huts, circular and built with irregular rows of stones and abundant clay, show wall partitions and cobblestone floors, demonstrating the care and attention paid to their construction.

With a diameter varying between 8.50 and 7 meters, the huts probably represented the heart of the village’s daily life. Built with local materials such as medium-small stones and abundant clay, they had a solid and resistant structure. The irregular rows of stones gave them a rustic but robust appearance, while the cobblestone floors guaranteed a solid and uniform surface.

Inside these circular huts, we imagine Nuragic families carrying out their daily activities: preparing meals, storing goods, and sheltering from the elements. The wall partitions, probably used to divide the internal spaces or create more intimate areas, reveal a remarkable understanding of the domestic architecture of the time.

A Historical Treasure to Discover

The complex of the nuraghe and the village was in use from the Early Bronze Age to the Late Bronze Age. The cave under the archaeological area, with its two entrances, could have been used as a warehouse for food, given its strategic position.

In the valley floor, there is a Giants’ Tomb of the row type with a centinated stele, now buried. Another tomb, located on the eastern slope of the hill, is damaged but has a row structure of blocks arranged in the isodomous technique.

The Nuraghe Serbissi, dating back to the 18th-10th centuries BC, represents a rare example of a Nuragic complex located at a high altitude, dominating the surrounding landscape with its imposing presence and millennia-old history.

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