Culture & Art in Ogliastra: An Exciting Journey with Artist’s Home Retreat
Immerse yourself in the rich culture and art of Ogliastra with Artist’s Home Retreat! Our 4 holiday homes, in Jerzu, Sarrala and Porto Frailis, offer you an ideal starting point for exploring the museums, galleries, festivals and artistic traditions of this authentic region.
On our Culture & Art in Ogliastra blog you will discover:
• Unmissable events: A complete calendar of events scheduled in Ogliastra, divided by proximity to our holiday homes to help you plan your stay in the best possible way.
• Fascinating museums: A guide to the main museums of Ogliastra, where you can immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the region.
• Talented artists:Discover the local and international artists who have made Ogliastra a land of creativity.
• Maria Lai and the art station:Explore the fascinating world of Maria Lai, an internationally renowned artist who created the Stazione dell’Arte in Ulassai, a magical place where art and nature meet.
• • Millennial traditions: Immerse yourself in the ancient textile arts, woodworking and ceramics, and savor the typical flavors of local gastronomy in an unforgettable sensory journey.
• • Engaging festivals:Experience the excitement of summer festivals by immersing yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Ogliastra.
• Artisanal treasures: Discover leatherworking, Sardinian filigree, murals in Ogliastra and Orgosolo, Ogliastrin theaters, the best-known festivals, the Wine and Chalices of Stars Festival, Su biginau antigu, Sardinian knives, hand-woven carpets, Ogliastrin music and Sardinian costume, symbols of the rich local culture and tradition.
Each article offers:
• Detailed information: Accurate descriptions of museums, galleries, festivals, traditions and events, with opening hours, ticket prices, tips for visiting and suggestions for immersive experiences.
• Suggestive photographs: Exciting images that will show you the beauty and uniqueness of the cultural and artistic experiences of Ogliastra.
• Cultural context: Insights into the history, traditions and personalities that have made Ogliastra a land rich in culture and art.
Choose your experience and prepare to live an exciting journey into the heart of the culture and art of Ogliastra!