Ogliastra Nature: An Exciting Journey Through Flora and Fauna with Artist’s Home Retreat

Immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of Ogliastra with Artist’s Home Retreat! Our 4 holiday homes, located in Jerzu, Sarrala and Porto Frailis, offer you an ideal starting point for exploring the natural wonders of this wild and authentic region.

On our Nature blog you will discover:

Geological Treasures: Su Marmuri Caves, a complex of karst caves with evocative concretions, and the Pardu Valley, a deep and evocative canyon, await you for a fascinating journey into the underground of Ogliastra.

Breathtaking Panoramas: Lanusei Observatory, located on the top of Mount Limbara, offers you the opportunity to admire stars and planets and enjoy a spectacular view of the Ogliastra coast and mountains.

Majestic Mountains: Conquer the peaks of the highest mountains in Ogliastra, and experience the thrill of a high-altitude trek surrounded by wild landscapes.

Uncontaminated Nature: Explore Mount Ferru, a limestone massif covered with woods and Mediterranean scrub, and discover the rich flora and fauna of Ogliastra.

Unique Plants: Admire the medicinal plants and endemic plants of Ogliastra and discover their beneficial properties.

Wildlife: Observe the wild animals of Ogliastra in their natural habitat.

Suggestive Gorges: Hike through the Gorges of Supramonte, a paradise for lovers of hiking and canyoning, and immerse yourself in the wild beauty of this unique landscape.

Choose your adventure and prepare to live an unforgettable nature experience in Ogliastra!