Archaeology in Ogliastra: A Journey Through Time with Artist’s Home Retreat
Discover the fascinating archaeology of Ogliastra with Artist’s Home Retreat! Our 4 holiday homes, located in Jerzu, Sarrala and Porto Frailis, offer you an ideal base for exploring the numerous archaeological sites of this region rich in history.
On our blog Archaeology in Ogliastra you will discover:
• Nuraghi: The mysteries of the nuraghi, the ancient stone towers typical of Sardinia
• Tombs of the Giants:Discover the imposing tombs of the Giants, megalithic funerary monuments that tell the story of the ancient peoples of Ogliastra.
• Domus de Janas:Explore the evocative Domus de Janas, hypogea carved into the rock used as necropolises.

Each article offers:
• Detailed information: Accurate descriptions of archaeological sites, opening hours, ticket prices and tips for visiting.
• Suggestive photographs: Breathtaking images that will show you the beauty and uniqueness of the archaeological sites of Ogliastra.
• Historical context: Insights into the history of the ancient civilizations that populated Ogliastra and the meaning of archaeological sites.
Choose your destination and get ready to live an unforgettable archaeological experience in Ogliastra!