Ogliastra Curiosities: A Journey to Discover Traditions and Mysteries with Artist’s Home Retreat
Discover the fascinating world of Ogliastra with Artist’s Home Retreat! Our 4 holiday homes, located in Jerzu, Sarrala and Porto Frailis, offer you an ideal starting point to immerse yourself in the history, traditions and mysteries of this wild and authentic region.

On our Curiosities blog you will discover:

Millennial History: Travel back in time through the rich history of Ogliastra. Discover the ancient Nuragic settlements, the Phoenician and Punic trading posts, the Roman ruins and the medieval villages that dot the territory.

Longevity: Discover the secrets of longevity of the inhabitants of Ogliastra, renowned for their vitality and longevity. Learn about their healthy lifestyle, their diet based on genuine local products and their strong connection with nature.

Proverbs and Sayings: Immerse yourself in the popular wisdom of Ogliastra through proverbs and sayings that encapsulate the philosophy of life and the culture of this land. Discover the deep meaning of these words and how they reflect the values and traditions of the Ogliastran people.

Traditions and Legends: Discover the ancient traditions of Ogliastra, from religious rites to popular festivals, and let yourself be fascinated by the legends that populate its land. Learn about the masks of the Mamuthones and Issohadores, the ancient dances and the stories of witches and fairies.

Ancient Crafts: Learn about the ancient crafts of Ogliastra, such as pastoralism, agriculture and handicrafts, and discover the techniques handed down from generation to generation. Admire the skill of the weavers, the basket makers and the woodcarvers who create unique works of art with their hands.

Choose your topic and prepare to live a fascinating journey to discover Ogliastra!