Sport in Ogliastra: An Adventure Lover’s Paradise with Artist’s Home Retreat

Experience the Ogliastra region in 360° with Artist’s Home Retreat! Our 4 holiday homes, located in Jerzu, Sarrala and Porto Frailis, open the doors to a world of outdoor sports in a breathtaking landscape.

Discover on our Sport blog:

Exciting Trekking: Hike through trails immersed in the unspoiled nature of Ogliastra, such as the Selvaggio Blu, the Supramonte di Baunei or the Supramonte di Oliena, to discover breathtaking views and hidden coves.

Adrenaline-pumping Mountain Biking: Explore Ogliastra on your mountain bike, choosing from challenging trails for experts or more relaxing itineraries suitable for all levels.

Thrilling Climbing: Challenge the rock faces overlooking the sea of Cala Gonone, Baunei and Cala Luna, to experience unique emotions in postcard-like settings.

Water Sports: Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Ogliastra with activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking, discovering the beauty of the underwater world.

Adventurous Canyoning: Tackle the limestone gorges of Ogliastra with canyoning, an adrenaline-pumping activity that combines trekking, swimming, abseiling and jumping into crystal-clear pools.

Panoramic Horseback Riding: Discover Ogliastra on horseback, riding along trails immersed in nature and enjoying breathtaking landscapes on a steed.

Fascinating Speleology: Explore the sea caves and underground cavities of Ogliastra, a journey through time to discover hidden treasures.

Each article offers:

Detailed Information: Precise descriptions of trekking routes, mountain bike trails, climbing walls, water sports spots and canyoning areas.

Technical Advice: Tips on choosing the necessary equipment, behavioral advice for experiencing sports safely and in respect of the environment.

Suggestive Photographs: Exciting images that will show you the beauty of the landscapes and the adrenaline of the sports activities in Ogliastra.

Choose your adventure and prepare to live an unforgettable sporting experience in Ogliastra!