Cooking Classes 

Cooking Classes:

Immerse Yourself in Sardinian Tradition

Discover the authentic flavors of Sardinia with our cooking classes led by renowned pasta maker Lidia Muceli.

Delve into the rich culinary heritage of Sardinia and learn to prepare these delectable stuffed pasta pockets, a true symbol of the Ogliastra region.

ogliastra culurgiones cooking classes
Ogliastra Culurgiones
Scopri come elaborare e condire i famosissimi Culurgiones Ogliastrini. Durante il tuo soggiorno nelle nostre case vacanza potrai imparare tutti i segreti degli emblematici culurgiones.

Culurgiones Course:
A Journey Through Taste and Tradition

Our Ogliastra Culurgiones course offers a unique opportunity to:

Unravel the History: Learn about the ancient origins of culurgiones in Ogliastra and the symbolism behind their distinctive wheat ear shape, representing fertility and abundance.

Embrace Local Ingredients: Discover the importance of using high-quality, fresh ingredients from the Ogliastra region like “su fiscidu” cheese, and fragrant mint.

Master the Art of Pasta Making: Learn the traditional techniques of preparing the perfect culurgione dough, from kneading and rolling to achieving the ideal thickness and texture.

Craft the Signature Filling: Under expert guidance, create the quintessential Ogliastra culurgione filling, featuring mashed potatoes, creamy “su fiscidu” cheese, and refreshing mint.

Perfect the Pinching Technique: Discover the art of pinching and sealing the culurgiones to create their signature wheat ear shape, a testament to generations-old culinary skills.

Cooking to Perfection: Learn the secrets of cooking culurgiones for the ideal texture and savor the fruits of your labor in a convivial and welcoming atmosphere.

A Taste of Ogliastra: Enjoy your handmade culurgiones dressed in a simple tomato sauce, a traditional accompaniment that allows the true flavors of the filling and dough to shine through.


More Than Just a Cooking Class:

Our Ogliastra Culurgiones course is an immersive experience that allows you to:

  • Connect with Sardinian Culture: Gain a deeper appreciation for the rich culinary heritage of Ogliastra and the traditions surrounding this iconic dish.
  • Bring Home a Piece of Sardinia: Learn valuable skills and techniques that you can use to recreate this culinary masterpiece in your own kitchen, sharing a taste of Ogliastra with loved ones.
  • Create Lasting Memories: Enjoy a fun and interactive learning experience, surrounded by the warmth and camaraderie of fellow food enthusiasts.
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Who Should Join This Course?

This course is perfect for anyone who:

  • Loves delicious food and wants to learn about Sardinian cuisine.
  • Enjoys hands-on cooking experiences and learning new culinary skills.
  • Appreciates the importance of fresh, local ingredients and traditional cooking methods.
  • Wants to connect with Sardinian culture and experience the warmth of Ogliastran hospitality.

Ready to Master the Art of Ogliastra Culurgiones with our cooking classes?

Upon request, we offer the possibility of organizing:

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